Saving Our Environment


Human race’s existence is symbiotic to planet earth but our wasteful lifestyle and lack of care for its eco-system is destroying the environment, and we may soon find our planet unable to sustain our life here.

Our increasing reliance on motor vehicles to support our lifestyle creates a huge challenge disposing the approximately 3 billion tyres discarded in a year.  Tyres are designed and built to last and as such may take more than 600 years to naturally degrade, thus the challenge caused by this accumulation is being compounded year after year. 

They are being dumped in landfills, creating breeding grounds for disease carrying insects and pests.  Furthermore, fires can easily occur in these landfills, spewing noxious smoke into our atmosphere and causing runoff of toxic oil and heavy metals into our ground and water. 

There is tremendous potential in reducing this wastage and many opportunities to recycle these waste materials into new reusable forms. Maxlink offers eco-friendly solutions for recycling scrap tyres into commercially viable products, and the processes themselves do not result in any further wastage or pollution.   

Crumb rubber derived from the shredding of scrap TBR tyres can be processed by our continuous screw devulcanizer and proprietary technology into reclaim or devulcanized rubber which is used in the manufacturing of tyres, tubes and flaps, shoe soles, conveyor belts, sports and playgrounds, and other rubber products.  China leads the world in the production and consumption of reclaim rubber, using 4 million tons in 2013. 

Using another of our solutions, scrap tyres are shredded into rubber crumbs and processed into bitumen modifiers used in making rubber modified asphalt pavements.  More than 1000 tyres will be used in the binder for resurfacing one km of road that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill – polluting the environment, creating fire risks and becoming a breeding ground for disease-spreading insects and vermin.  Using them for our roads is our answer to the call to reduce, reuse and recycle.