MBS Bead and Sidewall Cutter



MBS Bead and Sidewall Cutter is designed for cutting light truck and truck tyres. It separates the tyre into tread, sidewalls and bead bundles.

Product Features

  • Cuts both sides simultaneously.
  • Clamps are adjustable to hold tires of various rim sizes.
  • Semi-automatic or automatic operation can be selected.
  • Energy saving, requiring only 5.5 kWh to process one ton of tires.
  • Easy to operate and simple to maintain.
  • High throughput.


Model Number MBS-01-1 MBS-01-2
Capacity (ton/h) 2.0 – 3.0 0.6 -1.2
Tire Diameter Range (mm) 800 – 1250 800 – 1250
Power (kW) 13.5 3.0
Dimensions (mm) 3000x850x1400 1800x1300x1200
Weight (kg) 1500 440