MRM Refining Mill


MRM Refining Mill is used to remove impurities from the pure and fine rubber powder when processing reclaimed rubber.  The front roller has a smaller diameter as compared to the back roller, and both rollers are driven at different speed to create a high friction ratio.  The rollers are set very close to each other, with the gap at the ends closer than the centre; harder impurities are squeezed by the rollers to the ends and removed.  Refined rubber in thin-sheet form, smooth and of uniform thickness of 0.1mm or less, is produced.

Product Features

  • The rollers are made from chilled cast steel and the surfaces are polished to ensure high wear resistance.  They are supported at both ends by anti-friction roller bearings.
  • Water is recirculated underneath the roller surface for cooling or heating.
  • Nip adjustment of the clearance between the rollers is done through a worm drive operated by hand wheels.
  • Robust and compact construction maximizes floor utilisation.
  • Emergency stop to halt machine rotation through overhead cradle bar operated by a limit switch or hydraulic brake mounted on motor drive shaft operated by a push button.


Model Number MRM-480
Front Roller Length (mm) 800
Back Roller Length (mm) 900
Front Roller Ø (mm) 480
Back Roller Ø (mm) 510
Friction Ratio 1:1.5 (1.3)
Batch Weight (kg) 10 – 30
Power (kw) 55
Weight (kg) 9600