MCM Cracker Mill

cracker mill


MCM Cracker Mill is used to break the tyre chips down to fine grind rubber powder and to loosen the rubber from the steel or nylon fibers. 2 counter-rotating rollers are driven at different speed to create a friction ratio to crack the rubber and enhance the size reduction.

Product Features

  • The rollers are made from chilled cast steel to ensure high wear resistance and supported at both ends by anti-friction roller bearings.
  • Nip adjustment of the clearance between the rollers is done at both ends through screws attached to the bearing housing.
  • Mounting plates installed are designed to break during mechanical overload to protect the machine parts from damage.
  • Rubber dampers are installed to protect the drive roller from vibration shocks.
  • Rollers are cooled by water circulation underneath their surfaces.
  • Emergency stop to halt machine rotation through overhead cradle bar operated by a limit switch or hydraulic brake mounted on motor drive shaft operated by a push button.


Model Number MCM-450 MCM-560
Roller Length (mm) 760 800
Front (Grooved) Roller (mm) Ø450 Ø510
Back (Smooth) Roller (mm) Ø450 Ø560
Roller Material Cast Steel/Cast Iron Cast Steel
Speed Reduction Ratio 35:50 35:50
Capacity (ton/h) 0.25 – 0.45 0.3 – 0.6
Power (kW)  55  110
Dimensions (mm) 4900x1850x1600 5300x2300x1700
Weight (kg) 11000 17000