MSD Continuous Screw Devulcanizer

Continuous Screw Devulcanizer


MSD Continuous Screw Devulcanizer improves the viscoelasticity of vulcanized crumb rubber, when a softener is added to activate it under high temperature and atmospheric pressure, to selectively break the S-S and C-S rings and form longer molecular chains.

Product Features

  • Devulcanizing process is conducted at atmospheric pressure and the devulcanized crumb rubber is cooled to lower than 60⁰C before being discharged,ensuring high degree of operator safety.
  • Eco-friendly process where the feed stock is recycled totally with no residual wastage, little emission of fumes and no discharge of wastewater.
  • Electromagnetic induction used for heating, saving energy and maintenance costs.
  • Energy consumption of 100 – 170 kWh to devulcanize a ton of crumb rubber.
  • Conveyor system has self-cleaning capability, products do not get clogged. 
  • PLC used to control the manufacturing processes. 
  • Real time measurement of feeding, discharge and water temperatures taken from each module, and temperature variance controlled within ± 1⁰C.
  • Process control data are stored in RAM for quick access.
  • Feed stock is controlled by auto-batching system.
  • Machine operation is labour saving and control system is user-friendly.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, and troubleshooting is possible via remote access.


Model Number MSD-10 MSD-15 MSD-30
Capacity (ton/24h) 7.0 – 12.0 12.0 – 17.0 28.0 – 32.0
Heating Method Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Power (kW)  170  190  380
Operating Temperature (⁰C) 220 ~ 320 220 ~ 320 220 ~ 320
Dimensions (mm) 11000x5100x5100 11800x5100x5100 13300x6500x5100
Weight (kg) 18500 24600 46500