Our Equipment

  • Tyre Cutter: separates the tyre into tread, sidewalls and bead bundles

Maxlink Rubber Devulcanizing Equipment is designed based on the company’s 3 guiding principles of “Eco-friendly, Safe & Save”  ̶  meaning technology that must be clean and friendly to our environment, provides a safe workplace, and includes a high level of automation and user-friendliness to keep operating costs to the lowest.

Maxlink solutions are designed with a high degree of automation and energy-saving to reduce manufacturing costs and consumption of valuable resources.   For an example, the Maxlink continuous screw devulcanizer requires only one person to operate compared to more than 3 for other systems.  It uses electromagnetic induction for heating, decreasing time for equipment to heat-up to operating temperature by 85%, thereby lowering energy consumption.  Maintenance cost is also reduced as there is no need for thermic oil replacement or boiler maintenance and water treatment.  Cost from parts replacement is also reduced.

The refining line of 8 mills, being fully automatic, is also highly efficient, reducing manpower requirement by 75% to a 2-man operation.

Conveyance of work-in-progress materials between workstations is via a customized system of belt, screw, bucket and pneumatic conveyors to improve safety and minimized manual work.

For plants requiring a smaller production capacity, a standard plant set up utilizing more basic equipment and time-tested technology is also available.

Production capacity for a rubber devulcanizing line begins from 0.5 ton/hr.