Our Company

Maxlink Corporation Limited is a total solution provider offering customized tyre recycling plants and the most eco-friendly technologies to process scrap tyres into new reusable products like devulcanized rubber and bitumen modifier pellets used in rubber modified asphalt pavements.

Incorporated in Hong Kong, Maxlink Corporation has associate companies in Mainland China and Malaysia to serve the Asian market, and representative offices in Europe and Oceania to serve our customers there.

Maxlink Corporation’s principal business is tyre-related and catering to its entire lifespan from new to end-of-life, i.e. distribution of tyres, tyre retreading and repairing equipment, tools and materials to tyre recycling plants.  In developing the company’s products, thorough research has been done to understand the needs of the consumers to develop products that are user-friendly, that give excellent value, and that are environmentally friendly.

Maxlink Corporation provides design and consultation services from conceptual project planning through detailed engineering packages necessary for project construction.  Its competencies are in mechanical engineering and polymer science, and more specifically in the devulcanizing of different kinds of rubber and rubber modified asphalt processes.

Maxlink Corporation’s involvement in the project could be from plant design, equipment procurement, installation and commissioning or inclusive of operating and maintenance as well, to ensure the project is up and running in the shortest time and without any hitch.

Backing Maxlink solutions is a team of technologists who are acknowledged experts in their fields of specialization and industry leaders in eco-friendly manufacturing technology and good workplace safety management practices.

Many Maxlink products and processes are invented or developed by its partners.  The patented continuous screw devulcanizer employs the latest clean technology to process tyre-derived rubber crumbs into devulcanized rubber which is reused in the manufacturing of tyres, tubes and flaps, shoe soles, conveyor belts, sports and playgrounds, and other rubber products.

Devulcanized crumb rubber is also blended with other polymers, additives and stabilizers to make WDRA bitumen modifier pellets. This patented pelletizing process provides a stable delivery system for binder modifiers and additives, making it possible to supply almost any combination of bitumen modifiers in a convenient ready-to-use form. WDRA, when used in regions experiencing harsh climates or roads suffering accelerated wear from heavy traffic or poor water stability, has exhibited better performance in high and low temperature cracking resistance, anti-stripping, flexibility, fluidity and workability.  WDRA pavements have also demonstrated superior drainage, grip, noise reduction and UV light resistance compared to conventional asphalt concrete.  For some mixture designs, thinner layer of WDRA pavement is required to do the job, besides being easier to place and compact, leading to saving in both construction cost and time.  This patented technology has been used for the construction of China’s roads and highways.

Maxlink Corporation subscribes to the belief that for us to be successful, our customers must first win.  To live by this principle, we continually improve on our technologies and key competencies to ensure our customers always have the competitive edge.

Maxlink Corporation also totally subscribe to the call to reduce, reuse and recycle in our pursuit of sustainable development and our care for the environment we share.


Our Principles

To know the customer’s needs and aspirations and be there to help the customer achieve them.

To ensure our partners, both customers and employees alike, have the necessary knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition.

To offer solutions that are commercially viable, as we believe it is essential for an enterprise to be profitable to discharge its corporate and social responsibilities.

To care for the environment we share with all living things through promoting clean technologies and sustainable development.