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Maxlink Bitumen Modifier Pellet

WDRA bitumen modifier pellets are devulcanized crumb rubber that has been blended with other polymers, stabilizers and additives, and granulated to lock the rubberized binder additives into a stabilized storage system.

WDRA has demonstrated similar or superior stability and durability than SBS modified asphalt – registering better performance in low temperature cracking resistance, anti-stripping, flexibility, fluidity and workability.

Comparison of Modified Asphalt Hot Mixes Using Devulcanized Crumb Rubber and SBS

Comparing performance of WDRA hot mix with conventional asphalt concrete and other rubber modified asphalt concrete hot mixes like SBS-modified.

WDRA offers a more cost effective solution from longer service life or thinner pavement layer and shorter construction time.

ESS Technology

Maxlink tyre recycling solutions are designed on the 3 principles of “Eco-friendly, Safe & Save” – meaning technology that must be clean and friendly to our environment, provides a safe workplace, and includes a high level of automation and user-friendliness to keep operating costs to the lowest.

Total Solution Provider

Maxlink is a total solution provider for the most eco-friendly methods of recycling scrap tyres into new reusable forms like devulcanized rubber and for modifying bitumen binders used in rubber modified asphalt pavements – providing system designs, plant equipment, training and

Comparing 3 Methods of Recycling Scrap Tyres

When we select the ideal recycling method to process scrap tyres, we should consider the commercial viability first to ensure its sustainable development, and then also the energy security benefits derived from its contribution to reduction of carbon footprint and meeting climate change mitigation implementation targets.

Product Marketability

Maxlink devulcanizing solutions are designed to recover maximum value from the recycling of scrap tyres to make reclaim rubber or to modify bitumen binders used in rubber modified asphalt – products that enjoy good market demand. Vulcanization is a process where

Comparison Between Old and New Devulcanizing System

Maxlink’s new thermo-mechanical devulcanizing technology, using the patented continuous screw devulcanizer operating at atmospheric pressure, consumes less energy, and is much safer and eco-friendly because the process does not require high pressure or steam, hence no waste water is discharged and little fumes emitted.